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seaside restaurant

A place which invites drink & food lovers to create a common experience

About us

The Eclipse Restaurant and Bar is the latest addition to the KM Mykonos Group and aims to upgrade your afternoon and evening tables under the starry Mykonian sky.

The way our family businesses operate is to constantly invest in new ideas that meet the demands of an evolving tourism market and the Eclipse Restaurant and Bar is one of them.

In a magnificent location, this place invites drink and food lovers to create a common experience around a table of handmade flavors and unique discussions. For us, the excellent quality of our products is the most important element for a stay of substantial luxury on our island and we give them the necessary importance to surprise you every time.

Accommodation, food and drink are our specialty and the excellent cooperation of our businesses among them makes for you a complete experience of luxury in Mykonos and creates, at the same time, for us a unique family history.


The Eclipse Restaurant and Bar is located at the top of Kosmoplaz Beach Hotel and Resort with the best view of Plati Gialos. It offers enchanting moments against a seaside horizon that constantly changes colors according to the location of the sun and glows when the bright moon is reflected on it.

Just a 10-minute drive from Mykonos Town, this place can be your afternoon escape for cocktails to enjoy the orange sunset away from the sounds of the city or can become your evening retreat in which you will seek out our unique recipes to accompany you.

The lounge music of the restaurant combined with the waves dancing on the seaside will take you beyond the horizon on a journey that will make you discover the limits of taste and luxury. And all of this in the most famous island of the Cyclades.. in a unique roof top restaurant named Eclipse.


Our dishes are based on the Mediterranean Italian cuisine, a neighboring cuisine with very strong Mediterranean elements which also dominate our Greek table. We emphasize in the raw materials we will use as the quality of our dishes depends on the quality and taste of our basic materials.

We use handmade flavors of our own creation such as Napoli’s old-fashioned sauce, smoked bacon, aged parmesan cheese, smoked Florina pepper and handmade pasta, as well as parmesan sauce instead of cream, thus highlighting the quality of our cuisine and putting our unique signature on each dish. We suggest tastes of intensity and color to complement the intense moments of your stay on such a special island of the Cyclades.

Our catalog contains a rich list of unique handmade cocktails as well as high quality beverages to accompany and finish your meal in a magical place above the sea. Eclipse Restaurant and Bar awaits you to choose a bottle of wine of your choice and accompany the sunset until you welcome the Cycladic night between you and your loved ones.



Seaside restaurant

A combination of Italian & Greek cuisine, with special taste of our basic materials.


Platis Gialos,
Mykonos – 84600

+30 22890 26046